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21st Celebrations at Allely

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December 2020

Allely Estate
We’ve had a lot of enquiry lately about whether we host 21st birthday parties and the answer is – yes, we love hosting a good 21st! 
Did you ever wonder why turning 21 was cause for celebration? In America, the legal age for drinking, smoking, and entering nightclubs is 21. Given a lot of our culture seems to be handed down from America (we’re looking at you, Halloween and Valentine’s!), it looks like we took on the significant 21st birthday too, even though our legal ages are lower on all counts. 
Regardless, we love a good excuse for a party! And turning 21 is definitely a milestone moment, a significant turning point at which you farewell the teenager years and say hello to being a young adult. We’re perfectly set up to help you create a bash to remember! 
We can host anything from 70 to 400 people, rain or shine, with our gorgeous large permanent marquee. You can make it a beautiful garden lunch or an after-dark event – we cater for both! Do a sit-down dinner or make it a stand-up party with a live DJ – it’s your day! People rave about our buffet and carvery, but we’ve got sophisticated platters down to a fine art too.
Our liquor license allows us to party until 1am, so if you really want to make a big night of it, we can help! We can also arrange security, if that’s a concern for you.

And at the end of the night, we can arrange transport to help people home. Some hosts have had buses departing at two separate times (early and then at closing time) which we thought was pretty cool. 

We’d love to help you plan a 21st to remember – just contact us using our Contact Us page and our party planner will be in touch!


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