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Athina Kaffes:  Client Manager.

Meet the Team : Athina

Allely Estate

We want to introduce you to the awesome Allely Estate team that work so hard on creating amazing experiences for you and your guests, whether it’s for a wedding, a corporate event or some other special celebration. This time we talk to Allely Estate’s client manager extraordinaire, Athina Kaffes.

Q. What does a normal week see you doing?

Each week is so different depending on how many functions are happening that week but generally my week starts with a meeting with my boss and kitchen staff to discuss the week ahead. Emails are constant through the day from new enquiries from brides with upcoming weddings, to organising viewings, ordering from suppliers and making sure every function is ready to go. In any week I can have between 1-5 events to organise and oversee.

Q. What do you love about your job?

That every day is different and every event is so different. I might have four weddings in the week (yes, four in one week!) but every one of them has their own personality and they are all magical.

Q. What's something about you that might surprise most people?

I can’t tell you that! I like to have an element of surprise…

Q. Your most memorable wedding and why?

That is one of the hardest questions because there is not just one – I can remember something special from most of the weddings we hold here. Each one has their own cool element!

Q. Why do you think people should choose Allely for their wedding day?

The question is why wouldn’t you?! From the moment we meet our brides and grooms we want them to feel comfortable – like family – to give them the security to know that we will go above and beyond to create your vision. Only when you feel comfortable with the person and venue that is hosting your wedding can you really put your trust in them. Besides that, I love the fact that our gardens are magical with the marquee in summer all opened up or all cosy in warm in winter with the sound of the rain on the roof. In any weather the marquee is magical. Or for smaller weddings, you can’t beat the intimacy in the villa with the fire roaring. Did I mention our food is exceptional?! I stand 100% behind our kitchen team and say they are the best. Our chefs are so accommodating – you can choose off our menu or create your own.

Photo of Athina by Dawn Photography

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