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Allely Wedding: Basma and Luay

Allely Estate

Bride & Groom: Basma and Luay

Wedding date: 31/03/2023

Key details:

Wedding Dress: Handmade by Vinka Design Staff memeber

Bridesmaid dresses: Forever New

Suits: Barkers

Draping, lighting and styling: Stylish Weddings and Events

Cake: Sweet Bites

Flowers: Stylish Weddings and Events

Hair & Makeup: Hair – Enam | Makeup – Grayson Coutts

Photographer: Tigris Photography

What song did you walk up the aisle to? Dandelions Song by Ruth B

Wedding dance song: Ed Sheeran – Perfect

Q. Why did you choose Allely Estate as your Wedding venue?

We fell in love with the Garden and Marquee at Allely Estate and had a vision for it to come to life while working with Stylish Weddings and Events.

Q. Did you have a theme or vibe?

Elegant wedding with alot of candles and flowers.

Q. Did you incorporate any tradition?

Yes, We had live drummers as we entered the reception it was like an electrifying way to kick off your wedding celebration! The fusion of Arabic and English music has created a vibrant atmosphere, appealing to guests from different cultural backgrounds and ensuring everyone had a great time. Mixing in those cultural elements adds a unique and memorable touch to our wedding

Q. What was your best decision about the wedding?

DIY the name on the table. Working closely Stylish Weddings and Events and trusting Fadia’s vision.

Q. What advice do you have for other couples?

Follow your passions without being swayed by the opinions of others. Remember, it’s your special day, so focus on what brings you joy without worrying about pleasing everyone else.

Q. How did you both meet? What is your personal 'love story'?

Basma and Luay had been friends for eight years, living as neighbours on the same street.

In January 2020, they found themselves walking down the aisle together at a friend’s wedding in Auckland. Luay couldn’t ignore the feelings stirring in his heart that day. After some time, Luay gathered the courage to confess his feelings to Basma, even though she was living in Sydney at the time and dating wasn’t on her mind.

When the pandemic hit in April, Basma returned to Auckland to be with her family. During the lockdown, with both of them in the same bubble, Basma and Luay started spending more time together.

As they grew closer, sharing the same humour and values and love for food and travel, Basma found herself opening up her heart to Luay. They eventually started dating, navigating the challenges of long-distance when travel restrictions allowed.

In August 2022, during a trip to New Caledonia, Luay got down on one knee and asked Basma to marry him. Overwhelmed with joy, Basma said yes! She moved back to Auckland to settle down, and they planned their wedding at Allely Estate surrounded by family and friends.

Q. Tell us about your favourite wedding moment?

It was an incredible time! Starting from the golden sparklers outside set a magical tone for the night. Taking over the DJ booth and playing our Favorite songs was a blast. also seeing everyone dancing and enjoying themselves. It’s those spontaneous, joyful moments that often become cherished memories

Allely Estate
Allely Estate
Allely Estate


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