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Engagement: Param & Agam

Allely Estate

Couple: Param & Agam

Engagement Date: 02/05/2024

Photographer: Zanthe Vorsatz Photography

Q. Can you share a bit about your journey as a couple leading up to your engagement at Allely Estate? What moments or experiences brought you to this milestone?

We met for the first time back when we were only 14 years old in high school. (Mission heights junior college) Started dating 2 years after that at the age of 16 years old (Ormiston Senior College) After highschool graduation Agam had moved down south at the age of 18 to pursue her studies at Otago university which resulted in us doing long distance for 6 years.

She moved back to Auckland after completing 6 years and the thought process of looking to get engaged started from there as we had spent enough time away from each other already.

We guess this was the right time. Param is 26 today while Agam turns 26 in October. We have come a long way from when we first started as this year it will be our 10th year together.

Q. From each of your perspectives, could you narrate the story of your engagement day at Allely Estate? What were the emotions and thoughts running through your mind just before the proposal?

I was extremely calm for some reason. For most people this is a nerve wrecking
point, but I guess that was also to do with Allely Estate & Zanthe photography which had been very professional and were able to fulfil my vision exactly the way I wanted which gave me a lot of confidence. If more than anything I was actually really more excited than nervous. I knew instantly Agam would love this proposal so much so I couldn’t wait to show what I had planned for her!

  • Param

I was told we were going to Param’s cousin’s 25th birthday dinner. I had a feeling something was up as why would someone organise a birthday dinner on a Thursday? This proposal was somewhat a surprise to me, I knew it was coming but I had never thought my now fiancé would book this gorgeous estate to propose. I was nervous but full of excitement. Immediately after I saw the beautiful lights from the car park I knew something magical was about to happen and when we walked in holding hands I was blown away with how beautiful everything was. I always imagined my proposal to be in a beautiful location with romance blooming from every corner with flowers and candles. Alley Estate lived beyond my expectations.

  • Agam

Q. How did you feel immediately after the proposal? Can you describe the atmosphere and your emotions at that moment?

A big relief! Everything went to plan for me. The fairy lights at the top, the setting, the candles and the garden everything was perfect. I was even surprised the weather had held up for that one hour of our proposal!
Almost like god was on our side that day haha. It almost felt like we were starring in a romantic Hollywood film. It was picture-perfect.

  • Param
Immediately after the proposal my heart was full of emotions that can’t be described. There was so much love in the air and the whole venue was a dream, like we stepped into a beautiful fairy tale. My fiance couldn’t have chosen a more perfect location to start our new chapter. The atmosphere, the surrounding beauty, the romantic lights and the whole vibe of Alley estate has so much elegance, and charm you can’t help but fall in love with the place. I already want to be back there haha!
  • Agam

Q. Looking back, what is one standout memory or moment from your engagement celebration at Allely Estate that you'll cherish forever?

We got to be ourselves for the first time in many years. We grew up together for 10 long years and we would usually be the type of people that wouldn’t post or click photos of each other or our relationship and kept things very private. We both also are very camera shy so we wouldn’t normally take a lot of photos together. 

Being at Allely Estate we turned into completely different people as emotions came out and were able to take such good natural photographs of us. This is the first time in 10 years we have uploaded photos of us publicly on social media. 

This moment of us is something we both will cherish for a very long time. Another moment will be the super tight hug we did straight after the proposal! Some very sweet things were said while in the moment and our love just flourished!

Q. As a couple, what does Allely Estate symbolise for you in your journey together, both before and after your engagement?

A place where a whole new chapter started! This place will now hold such a strong
sentimental value for both of us! Everything changed for us that night. This is the place where 2 people have become 1 🙂

Q. How do you envision incorporating the memories and experiences from your engagement at Allely Estate into your future together?

We have started planning our wedding dates now and we are seriously
considering Allely Estate as our venue to do the wedding reception. It would be so nice to do our wedding reception party at the place I proposed to Agam. 

Allely Estate has become such a sentimental place for both of us now and will love nothing else but to celebrate more special moments at this place.

Q. Your Engagement booking was planned in a short space of time. How would you describe your experience to others considering Allely Estate for such a special moment?

To be honest this was the first place I had asked directly and things worked out on the first go. I had seen photos of Allely Estate on social media before and always thought to myself that it would be such a good spot not only to do a wedding but also a grand proposal. 

When I first saw the main front of the house with the fairy lights and the garden I knew this was the spot to celebrate our special occasion.

Allely Estate


“I would like to thank you so much for letting us book your beautiful estate for a dreamy proposal. My fiance loved everything about Allely Estate! Big thanks to Mariana for being very on to it in such a short period of time. Made it very easy and stress free for me leading up to the event.

Everything worked out just the way we wanted and got amazing photographs. I truly appreciate your time and effort that went into organising this special event!

– Param & Agampreet.


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