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Celebrate Graduation at Allely Estate

Celebrate Graduation at Allely Estate

Allely Estate

It feels like we’re picking up more and more American traditions – Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Elf on a Shelf – but one we really love is graduations! We love that now it’s not just about celebrating graduation from university but also from high school, intermediate and even primary school!

Taking that next leap to the next step in your school education is a big deal and we’re into celebrating anything that’s positive in life. And it’s got us thinking: why don’t you hold your graduation celebration at Allely Estate?

– There’s plenty of room for parents and students to mingle
– You can mill about under the gorgeous trees in our manicured gardens – or move it indoors to our massive marquee if the weather turns (as it often does)
– We do beautiful canapes and buffet spreads, so you don’t have to worry about organising a plate at this busy time of the year
– Our chefs can deftly handle any dietary requirement, including gluten-free and dairy-free
– Doing it with us means we can take care of all the set up – and the clean up!
– Our neutral backdrop makes decorating in theme a cinch, if that’s what you want
– We’ve got plenty of room for parking
– We can organise stages and microphones
– We have plenty of room for whatever additional entertainment you might want, from gelato trucks or photobooths to DJs or live bands

Best of all, our free events planner will be able to do all the heavy lifting for you, so you can just turn up and enjoy!

Get in touch to see what dates we have for 2021 that might work for your graduation party – we’d love to host you!


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