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How to propose: our advice on how to pop the question memorably!

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We always see an influx of newly engaged couples as soon as the weather gets warmer – and we love hearing their proposal stories! We’ve heard some memorable ones (like the guy who organised their friend’s band to play their special song as she walked into the room) to some memorable-for-all-the-wrong-reasons ones (like the guy who had best-laid plans but, er, conked out halfway through, due to nervous drinking)…  
If you’re wanting to pop the question soon, here’s some advice to keep in mind:

Q:Put some thought into it

A proposal is something that (hopefully!) only happens once in your life so make it count!

Q. Worried you won't be able to say what you want to say?

Get creative! Spell it out in the sand, on cupcakes, flying from a plane in the sky! (Just make sure you double-check your spelling!)

Q:Think carefully about the location

A proposal is something that (hopefully!) only happens once in your life so make it count!

Q:Make it a game!

Enlist friends, devise some clues and be waiting at the end, ring in hand, ready to go! Who doesn’t love a treasure hunt where the final prize is a proposal?!

Q:Details matter

Add a few things that will really touch their heart, like a beautiful blanket to sit on, a trail of flower petals, or having your special song playing in the background. Hide away their favorite snacks and a bottle of bubbles or kombucha so you can cheers yourselves afterwards!

Q:Clean up

If you’re wanting a cosy proposal at home a la Harry and Meaghan, elevate the setting slightly – whip around with the vacuum cleaner, make sure all the dishes are done and put washing away. Being surrounded by a mess isn’t a romantic proposal!

Q:Find a view

It could be an old favorite or it might be somewhere you’ve never been, but make it pretty if being Gram-worthy is important to your partner!

Q. It doesn't just have to be the two of you

We hear of lots of couples who extend the occasion out to their nearest and dearest. Bring your family along, or your closest friends, or your furry friend – if they’re special to you and you want to share the moment with them, do it!



Speaking of family…


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Ask her father’s permission, if she’s a traditional girl.



Do you want photos?


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Or a video? If so, enlist a friend (or book a pro) to hide somewhere to capture the moment they say yes!



Let’s talk bling


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Your partner will (all things going to plan!) wear that ring every day for the rest of their lives so you want to make sure they’ll love it! If they’ve been throwing heavy hints and circling jewelry brochures, it’s a safe bet to follow their lead. But if you have, maybe don’t risk it – buy a placeholder and then choose something together later.

Asking someone to marry you is exciting so have fun planning how you’ll do it – and then enjoy the moment and do your best to take it all in! We hope to see you as an engaged couple at Allely Estate sometime soon – good luck! 


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