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Allely Wedding: Sam and Donal – Sweet Memories from 10 Years Ago

Allely Estate

Bride & Groom: Sam and Donal Daly

Wedding date: 12/05/2014


Sam Daly and Donal Daly made a heartwarming visit to Allely Estate’s Open Day on the 13th of April 2024 to relive their magical wedding day just over 10 years ago in April 2014.
They talked with fond memories of looking through their wedding photos.
The love between them shines brightly, especially with their adorable baby by their side. It was a special moment for the couple, filled with cherished memories and a longing to return to Allely Estate.
Here’s to Sam and Donal, may their love continue to grow as they journey forward together forever. 🥂❤️

Q. Can you share with us some of your fondest memories from your wedding day at Allely Estate 10 years ago?

The whole day was incredible for us. The ceremony itself was memorable as the weather was lovely and the backdrop was beautiful. The way everything was organised and presented was so professional and a fantastic time was had by all.

Q. How did it feel to revisit Allely Estate with your baby after 10 years and reminisce about your special day?

We both really enjoyed revisiting Allely Estate and reminiscing. We were living in the UK at the time we got married here so we never expected to have the chance to come back and celebrate our 10-year anniversary. Now that we are once more living in New Zealand it felt like the perfect opportunity to come and see Allely again.

Q. What were some of the standout features of Allely Estate back then that made it the perfect venue for your wedding?

We loved that it was the right size for our needs; quite an intimate venue. We also loved the views and natural scenery and the fact we had the ceremony outside.

Q. How would you describe the service and experience you received from Allely Estate 10 years ago compared to your recent visit?

We couldn’t fault either to be honest. A lovely chap called Heitor looked after us 10 years ago and we feel our special day was absolutely perfect. When we revisited recently, the staff were equally as lovely and we think they will look after their guests just as well.

Q. What changes have you noticed in the wedding industry over the past decade, and how do you think Allely Estate has adapted to meet the needs and preferences of couples?

Not sure about this one! We never needed to keep abreast of the wedding industry once we got married! 

From what we saw on offer recently at Allely for the wedding roadshow though, it looks like prospective brides and grooms will be well provided for, too.

Q. What recommendations would you give to other couples who are considering choosing Allely Estate as their wedding venue based on your past and recent experiences?

Go for it and book! 

The venue and staff are amazing. The catering was wonderful as well.

Q. Looking back, how would you summarise your journey with Allely Estate from your wedding day to this day, revisiting with your baby, and envisioning future celebrations at this beautiful venue?

We feel really lucky that we were able to pop back in to see Allely again for our 10-year anniversary and felt incredibly welcomed by the staff there. 

We would be open to coming back again for different events, too. Allely will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Allely Estate
Allely Estate
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