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Faulty TowersFaulty Towers

Want to get lost in an evening of mayhem and chaos and leave thinking that maybe your own relationships are not that bad after all. Let us bring Basil, Sybil and Manuel to life for you. These three characters will give you side splitting humour as they skilfully bring you into their crazy personal lives, add some riveting dance moves from Basil, Sybil and Manuel, spice it up with their improvisation from quirky, cheeky and just plain fun conversations and weave it into a show personalised for any occasion.



Murder at Hotel Balle Balle

Murder at Hotel Balle BalleIt is 1920; you have the egocentric Roydon Lambsey and Francesca Lambsey (fondly called Franny) who have brought a lot of India back to England by opening their infamous Hotel Balle Balle. Roydon and Fran also brought their best friend with them Mercedes Bigg who worked at the extravagant Bukhara in India…and boy do they love anything Indian. Thrown in the mix we have Boy Simmons who is the hired help who works a little in the kitchen and tries his best at serving. He said he has worked all his life around food but something just does not seem to stack up…and we are not talking about pancakes! However, it is very hard to work alongside Roydon Lambsey when he is so bad tempered; nobody wants to join him in the kitchen, not even his wife who tries to hide her disappointment about her relationship behind a bottle and a good laugh. There are underlying currents…how does Fran really feel about Mercedes? And is Mercedes interested in reciprocating or is he trying to protect Roydon. Maybe he has feelings for his old friend. Who knows and in the end he falls back into his old pattern of keeping the restaurant oh so perfect…And do not forget Boy. Who is he really and does he think he is Indian just like the rest of them. Then there is a murder!

Come along dressed in your favourite 1920s sparkles or spats or dare yourself to embrace the Bollywood within. Do not forget your favourite murder weapon from cluedo or what you have always dreamed of using to get rid of the mother-in-law and become part of the craziness. Murder at Hotel Balle Balle, see you there…if you dare!


Both shows are very interactive, although in saying that we are also very respectful that everyone enjoys themselves in different ways, so if there are some quests who love to have a laugh by quietly watching we are all good with this as there are always people who want to become part of the show.

Our shows both run with three actors. Faulty Towers with Basil, Sybil and Manuel and Murder at Hotel Balle Balle with Mercedes Bigg, Francesca Lambsey and Boy Simmons. We do have Roydon Lambsey who is murdered but you never get to meet Roydon until he appears as a mannequin wrapped on a stretcher….dead!

Our timing is as follows:

Faulty Towers 120 max people