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Wedding Trends 2021/22

Wedding Trends 2021/22

We love seeing all the amazing ideas our couples have for their big day – from changing traditions to their incredible themes and decor. Below is a list of trends we’re seeing at Allely Estate, as well as overseas…

Allely Estate

* Custom Cocktails

Couples are personalising their welcome drinks, creating specific cocktails custom to them and their big day. Choose a cute name, colour it to match your theme and have everyone cheers-ing to your future together in style!

Allely Estate

* Mini cakes

You love red velvet, your husband loves carrot, and your traditional parents want you to have fruit. What to do? Layer it or make multiple mini cakes!

Allely Estate

* Mix it, don't match it

Get the casual boho bride feeling with mismatched furniture and table settings!

Allely Estate

* Take it outdoors

Forget stuffy ballroom rooms – couples are making the most of being out of lockdown and celebrating under the sun and stars!

Allely Estate

* Get lit

Fairy lights, feature lighting, festoon lights, archways – flick the switch and bring instant magic to your night!

Allely Estate

* Get playful

Bring the fun with games! Organise garden games like Jenga and Connect 4 for your guests to play while you mingle, and don’t be afraid to forgo boring speeches with a cute game of ‘Newlyweds’ which will tell your guests more about you than any speech will!

Allely Estate

* Sequel weddings

These are popular with people who had to have a small ceremony due to Covid. This might be one time when the sequel might be better than the original!

Allely Estate

* Keep it clean

Sure, sanitiser might be pertinent at this point but let’s make it look cute!

Allely Estate

* Full-on floral

Flowers aren’t going anywhere – in fact, floral displays are just getting bigger and bigger! Fresh or dried, mixed with candles or standing alone, we love seeing the ways our couples use flowers to amplify the style of their day!

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