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Winter at Allely Estate

Winter at Allely Estate

As an events venue, spring and summer are definitely our business seasons, holding birthday parties and weddings pretty much every weekend from September onwards. For us, winter is a time to get all those jobs done that we’re too busy to address during summer, like replanting garden beds, painting, handyman tasks and more. But that’s not to say we don’t have some great events in colder months! We just had St Pierre’s staff join us for a few days for corporate training away from the office, and in the next few weeks we’re hosting a 16th birthday party, a few gorgeous mid-winter weddings and a Breast Cancer charity event with 300+ people attending to raise money for a good cause – we can’t wait!

One of the pluses to holding an event at Allely Estate is that we have a plan B if it rains – our villa and marquee makes it easy to stay dry and warm if the weather gods aren’t shining on your special day. If you’re looking for a beautiful venue to hold your wedding, party or corporate event soon, call us for a tour – we’d love to show you around!, 09 412 7206

Allely Estate

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