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Bringing the magic!

Bringing the magic!

Allely Estate

Kane and Lauren Richardson celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary

This is a prime example of what we mean when we say we really do love to help people bring their dreams to life…
Last week Kane Richardson messaged us to ask if we still opened as a restaurant (years ago Allely Estate was called Allely House and operated as a restaurant). Bugger, he said when we replied that we do events only – Allely Estate was where he took his wife Lauren on their first-ever date and he wanted to surprise her for their 15-year wedding anniversary.

Well our GM Stu couldn’t resist a good love story like that!!

After checking the calendar to ensure the venue was free, we set up a private table for two in our gardens and Kane surprised Lauren with a special picnic, right back at the same venue where they had their first date all those years ago. Cue all the warm fuzzies!!

If you want Allely Estate to be a part of your love story, get in touch now – we’d love to see if we’d make a good venue for your engagement party or wedding!


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