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Expert tips on wedding flowers

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For most of us, a wedding is the only occasion when you get to go crazy with flowers (unless you’re a Kardashian, that is). It’s so exciting getting to choose the flowers that make up your bouquet, and whether you want them on your cake, at your ceremony, on your reception tables… Florals are all a matter of personal choice! To help narrow it down and get some expert insights, we asked Fadia Tomas – the owner and stylist at Stylish Weddings and Events – to share her experience in a quick Q&A. 

Q. How long have you been a florist?

17 years!

Q. What's a cool idea you've seen for a wedding?

I saw an overseas wedding ceremony that had a glass platform sitting on top of a swimming pool – the swimming pool water was decorated with masses of flowers and candles. Stunning. 

Q. What's your favourite thing about creating floral work for weddings?

Creating a new design for every couple that suits their budget and dream – we love the challenge of being creative, especially when we have to use the same props. 

Q. How do you decide what size bouquet a bride should have?

We always consider 2 things: dress size and bride height. 

Q. What flowers are popular with bridges at the moment?

Roses are always the queen of the game – dusky pink is the most popular colour right now.   

Q. Do you have any tips on how brides can dry their bouquets to keep them forever?

Not every flower can be dried but for the ones that can, simply hang them upside-down in a dry area for at least 3-4 weeks. Check them every couple of days and remove any stems that might get mouldy so they don’t affect the rest of the flowers. Once completely dry, spray with hair spray to keep nice and firm. 

Q. What flowers give you bank for buck?

Again, roses! They’re the most popular affordable flower, no matter what season. 

Q. What would you love to do for a wedding one day, if budget wasn't an issue?

Oh I have lots, lots and lots of ideas in my mind!! But my target for now is to have a full ceiling of hanging fresh flowers. 

Q. What trends do you see with floral work at the moment?

Hanging items and candles are having their time right now. 

Q. What tips do you always share with couples?

Less of a tip but more but encouragement: that almost everything is doable with whatever budget. I also always tell them to ask any question, even if it sounds silly or not important – that helps us to read between the lines to create the best for each couple. 

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