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Allely wedding: Anne & Dominic

Allely wedding: Anne & Dominic

Allely Estate

Bride & groom: Anne & Dominic
Wedding date: 18 October 2020

Key details:
Dress from Lahava in Vietnam
Bridesmaid dresses from ASOS
Suit from The Adam Store in Vietnam
Draping, lighting & styling by Event Styling
Cake by Paula Jane Cakes
Flowers by Stylish Weddings and Events
Makeup and hair by Lipstick & Co
Wedding venue styling by Event Styling Co with the help of Allely Estate’s Athina
Photographer: Ryan Watts Photo
Walked up the aisle to I Will Love You by Gin Wigmore

Q. Why did you choose Allely Estate as your venue?

It was love at first sight. We saw Allely Estate in a wedding magazine at Pizza Club in Hamilton and knew instantly that this is the place, this is it. We booked Allely Estate for our wedding without researching nor visiting the venue. It just felt right. Once we booked, we met up with Athina the wedding planner and she was the absolute BEST, from her personality to her attention to detail – she knew what we wanted before we knew what we wanted!

Q. Did you have a theme or vibe?

We chose to have a rustic garden theme with the main colours being green and brown. This tied in very well with Allely Estate’s outdoor garden.

Q. Tell us about your favorite moment

This is such a hard question. There were so many to choose from our wedding and to pinpoint one? I guess if we have to choose one then we will forever be thankful to our family and friends that attended and celebrated our special day, especially during a pandemic. We are very grateful not only to our family and friends but also to the team at Allely Estate and our photographer.

Q. Did you incorporate any tradition?

Our celebrant gave us a blessing in Maori for the ceremony and I wanted to wear a traditional Vietnamese dress, Áo dài, for the ceremony to represent our culture.

Q. What special touches were important to you?

The Edison light bulbs weaved into the hanging greenery bays and the way the Allely team incorporated our custom decorations with theirs.

Q. What was your best decision about the wedding?

Being able to marry the person I love but annoys me the most. Aside from that, it would be the Vietnamese Tea Ceremony in the morning with our close family and friends. Being able to carry on the tradition and share that with them was priceless.

Q. Advice for other couples?

Trust your gut and respect the opinions of professionals as they are there to help you (they’ve seen it all!)

Definitely allocate more of your budget to a photographer. Photos are priceless and they’ll be around forever so make sure this is a ‘no regret’ decision.

In regards to planning, chances are that things won’t go to plan and that’s completely normal! Appreciate the journey rather than the destination and you’ll find the chaotic moments become the most memorable!

Photo of Athina by Dawn Photography

Draping, lighting & styling by Event Styling


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