Crafting Lasting Memories in the Heart of Nature:
Allely Estate's Timeless Elegance for Farewells and Memorials

In the heart of Kumeu, New Zealand, lies Allely Estate, a magical garden haven of hidden manicured gardens that transcend the ordinary. From hosting premier functions and weddings to providing a magical space for farewells and remembrance, Allely Estate is not just a venue; it’s a place where memories are made, and timeless moments are celebrated.

Allely Estate

Owners Peter & Catherine would like to invite you to celebrate your loved one at Allely Estate.

“In the comforting haven of Allely Estate, where cherished memories are reborn and hearts find healing, may you find solace in recalling moments within our serene private grounds, creating a tapestry of remembrance with others.
May your combined treasured moments blossom anew, becoming timeless echoes for years to come.
We extend our sympathy and offer you our LOVE and SUPPORT.”
Allely Estate
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"From making memories, to timeless moments. We help you create them all at Allely Estate."

Hidden Manicured Gardens:

Nestled within Allely Estate are hidden manicured gardens that add an enchanting touch to the farewell or memorial service. These carefully tended spaces offer a sense of intimacy inviting guests to wander through nature’s beauty while reflecting on the life of the departed.

Sought-After Premier Venue:

As a premier function and wedding venue, Allely Estate is celebrated for its picturesque charm and timeless elegance. Choosing this sought-after venue for a farewell or memorial adds an extra layer of significance, as it transforms the event into a memorable and distinguished occasion.

A Magical Place for Farewells:

The estate’s enchanting ambiance turns moments of sorrow into a magical experience. Allely Estate offers a setting where emotions are embraced, memories are shared, and the beauty of the surroundings provides solace. It truly feels like home when you gather at Allely Estate to bid farewell or remember someone you love.

Creating Timeless Moments:

“From making memories, to timeless moments. We help you create them all at Allely Estate.” This mantra encapsulates the essence of Allely Estate’s commitment to crafting meaningful experiences. The venue’s timeless beauty and versatile spaces serve as the canvas upon which families can paint the unique story of their loved one’s life.

Home Away from Home:

Many who have experienced Allely Estate’s embrace during farewells or memorials express a sentiment of feeling at home. The estate’s welcoming atmosphere and comforting surroundings provide a safe haven for grieving families and their guests, fostering a sense of belonging during a challenging time.

Compassionate Support and Coordination:

Allely Estate’s dedicated team extends humility, compassionate support, and seamless coordination to alleviate the burden on grieving families. The goal is to ensure that every detail is handled with care, allowing families to focus on cherishing memories and connecting with their loved ones during the farewell or memorial service.

Tracey Brown Photo 1


In November 2023, Allely Estate were approached by our friends Hibiscus Funeral Services for a funeral with an attendance of 300. Unlike other events we do where there are months and months of planning, funerals and memorials are sometimes without much warning and require agility with planning and the set-up. Being able to deliver the event smoothly & as visioned in what is usually an emotional time is what we are renowned for.

Here is what Tracey had to say:

Hibiscus Funeral Services together with the amazing Allely Estate were able to provide the perfect location for an absolutely beautiful funeral. We needed a place with class, style, beauty, and space but to also offer the various elements required. Full catering options, Bar facilities, the stunning outdoor marque and courtyard provided the perfect backdrop and ambience to match our families wishes.

Large gatherings, traditional funerals, or small intimate memorial services, we highly recommend Allely Estate to assist to help make one of the worst days in one’s life of saying farewell to a loved one to one that they will treasure.

Thank you! 

Kind regards

Tracey Brown and the Team at Hibiscus Funeral Services – 27 November 2023

Allely Estate
Allely Estate
Allely Estate
Allely Estate

We love our special relationship with Hibiscus Funeral Services who have the same shared values as Allely Estate to leave a lasting memory and a legacy to treasure in the remembrance and celebration of a loved one’s life. Thank you again Tracey and team for the wonderful care & respect you provide your clients and their loved ones. Arohanui from us all at Allely Estate.

In the heart of Kumeu, Allely Estate stands as a sanctuary where hidden gardens, timeless elegance, and a commitment to creating meaningful moments converge. From the joyous celebrations of weddings to the poignant farewells of memorials, Allely Estate offers a space where love, memories, and timeless moments are woven into the fabric of each event. Allely Estate is not just a venue; it’s a home away from home, a place where every farewell becomes a cherished memory, and every memorial is a celebration of a life well-lived.

Personalised Wine and Bubbles: A Heartfelt Tribute and Lasting Legacy


With our sister company Wine Time, we understand that life is a beautiful journey filled with moments to cherish and celebrate. Yet, it’s also a journey marked by the passage of time and the inevitable farewells to our loved ones. We believe that even in these bittersweet moments, there’s an opportunity to honour, remember, and celebrate the lives of those who have touched our hearts.

A Heartfelt Tribute

When a loved one passes away, it can be a deeply emotional and challenging time. Finding meaningful ways to pay tribute to their memory becomes essential. Personalised wine and bubbles offer a unique and heartfelt way to commemorate their life. With custom labels bearing their name, photo, or a special message, you can create a tribute that reflects their personality, passions, and the love you shared.

Leaving a Legacy of Love

Perhaps you’re contemplating your own journey and want to ensure your love and presence continue to be felt even after you’re gone. Personalised wine and bubbles offer a way to leave a lasting legacy. You can arrange for these heartfelt gifts to be sent to your loved ones on special occasions or as a token of remembrance, ensuring your spirit lives on through thoughtful gestures.

visit to learn more or discuss with Allely Estate.  

Allely Estate
Allely Estate
Allely Estate
Allely Estate
Allely Estate
Allely Estate

” Thank you for all your hard work and amazing customer service both over email and in person. You and your staff have been nothing short of amazing. It was one of the most relaxed and fun weddings I have ever planned and coordinated – and that had to do a lot to with the attitude of you and your staff.

I really hope I get to work with you guys again – I will definitely be recommending Alley Estate to anyone looking for a special venue for their wedding. “