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Allely Wedding: Monica & Lindon

Allely Estate

The Awesome Wedding Vendors that made it happen!

Blog details credit to Dear White Photography

Key details:

Celebrant – Mel Stuart

Light Canopy & Outdoor Reception Hire/Setup – Event Styling

DJ – Mafana sounds
Cake was made by Temptations Cakes
Flowers by Bride’s Aunty

Manadap – Sweet Az Events

Photographer: Dear White

Details! So many details! So so so so many details!!!

Everything about today was perfectly set up and you’re going to agree too in just a second!

As soon as we reached Monica at their getting ready it was game on! Everyone looked super stunning in their Traditional Saree and especially Monica in her Bridal Saree. Even the boys look dapper in their traditional outfits!

Allely Estate
Allely Estate

When we reached Allely Estate the only word to adequately describe what we saw is “wow”. The first thing we noticed was how absolutely gorgeous the outdoor reception venue was! framed between thousands of fairy lights, the tables were filled with some of the most gorgeous centerpieces. What’s more surprising is that these were made by Monica’s aunty! The beautiful fresh sunflowers were definitely super eye-catching and just brightened everything up!

Before we knew it, it was time for Lindon to make his grand entrance! And what an entrance! With a perfect fusion of Bagpipe and the traditional Indian Dhol drum (never thought I’d see such a combination!)

When it was time for Monica to make her appearance, she of course looked gorgeous enough to be a goddess! When the sheet was lifted and Lindon finally got to see his bride, the smile he had from ear to ear was definitely infectious enough to make us smile as well.

Allely Estate
Allely Estate
Allely Estate
Allely Estate

Once it was all done and dusted, everyone took a bit of time to just relax and mingle. The kids of course climbed all over the bouncy castle (yap! they had a bouncy castle!!!! How epic is that!) and of course, Monica and Lindon had to have a go on it as well lol

We then managed to sneak out for a short bit of time to grab a few epic shots of just these 2 gorgeous humans <3 being at Allely Estate of course made all of this super easy. Epic backdrops + plenty of shade and trees meant we could get plenty of gorgeous shots of Monica and Lindon without them turning into crispy bacon before getting them married… again lol

Allely Estate
Allely Estate

Yap, you heard right. The first one was spiritual, but this time, we’re getting them married legally because once that ring is on, it isn’t coming off! This time though they got to walk down the aisle together and the ceremony was extra special as it was officiated by Mel who’s actually a long-time family friend.

Oh right! We also had to get a Dino wedding shot cause… you know… it’s epic awesome 😎

Allely Estate

Finally, it was time for the reception! Let me just say that those lights did not disappoint, and we ate, had speeches, and danced the night away. Before we knew it, it was time for us to say our goodbyes. The wedding finished with the Bidaai where Monica hugged and bid farewell to those around her, giving her thanks to her parents for all the years of love and care that they gave and will continue to give her.


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