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Allely Wedding: Olivia & Michael

Allely Estate

Bride & groom: Olivia & Michael
Wedding date: 27/01/2023

Key details:
Dress from Hera Couture
Bridesmaid dresses from Blak bridesmaids

Suits from Rembrandt
Cake was made by HelloBliss Cheesecakes
Flowers by Flowermefloral
Makeup by Sam Hart

Photographer: Esme and Logan Photography

What song did you walk up the aisle to? Godspeed – James Blake

Q. Why did you choose Allely Estate as your wedding venue?

We loved the beautiful grounds and having the option of an indoor or outdoor ceremony gave us peace of mind – it really paid off in the end!

Q. Did you have a theme or a vibe?

We were going for a modern, rustic look – most of all we wanted to make sure there were personal touches in both the ceremony and reception.

Q. Did you incorporate any tradition?

While Livs dad did walk her down the aisle, her mum was linking her other arm right there with her too. I wouldn’t say we weren’t traditional, but it was all about taking traditions and making them our own. Making our own vows was super important to us and it’s fair to say the audience really responded to this personal touch, so we would highly recommend doing this.

Q. What was your best decision about the wedding?

Our best decision was to let nothing get in our way of having the most amazing, best and unforgettable day we could ever have. Earlier in the week Michael got food poisoning and we were absolutely besides ourselves, praying that if he got better that nothing else mattered. So, when it rained on the 27th of January, more than it’s ever rained in a day. Ever. We didn’t let that stop us either and barely knew the seriousness of what was happening outside Allely estate.

Q. Any further comments?

Melissa and the team at Allely were absolutely, out of this world amazing in keeping the day running despite the torrential rain. Their commitment to helping us have the most magical day and changing things completely on the fly was unparalleled and so appreciated. We are so grateful, and everyone can rest assured if you have a wedding at Allely, you are in safe hands.

Q. How did you both meet. What is your personal love story?

Ours is a tale as old as time, we met at a house party and hit it off right from the get-go. Michael was wearing a mickey mouse wizard hat from Disney land which somehow must have made a good impression. One high school summer texting non-stop every day while in different cities and we met back up in Auckland, made it official and never looked back.

Q. Tell us your favourite wedding moment?

We aren’t exactly sentimental people so weren’t expecting this, but the ceremony was an absolute out-of-body experience in the best way possible. We both couldn’t stop smiling and had to fight back the tears of joy as we read our vows. One look at the audience who were absolutely losing it and we would have lost it ourselves!

Q. What special touches were important to you?

Did we have a wedding favour? Yes. But it was a shot off fireball whiskey for everyone.

Did we have a wedding cake? Yes. But it was a 3 flavour bespoke cheese cake.

Did we have a rehearsed first dance? Yes. But it was something closer to a self-choreographed tiktok dance than ball room dancing.

Q. What advice do you have for other couples?

If you are going to put so much time, effort, and money into your wedding day, make sure you make it your own and have a bit of fun with it. Make sure that people see your fingerprints over every part of the wedding that’s important to you, you will love it and so will everyone else. And remember, what’s most important is the two of you being there together and any obstacles that get in your way aren’t worth dwelling on.

Allely Estate
Allely Estate
Allely Estate

Draping, lighting & styling by Allely Estate


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