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Allely Wedding: Anna & Brendan

Allely Estate

Bride & groom: Anna & Brendan
Wedding date: 9/12/2021

Key details:
Dress from Noodz boutique
Bridesmaid dresses from As it was organized during lock down I gave them the brief of navy and let them chose their own styles and dress
Suit from Tailor made suits Albany
Cake was a made by Kookie haus
Flowers by Me, dried flowers foraged by me and my family
Makeup by Lauren from Fresh and Flawless, Huapai

Photographer: Nikita Wier, Antonia Pearl Photography

What song did you walk up the aisle to? Heart like yours, Willamette Stone

Q. Why did you choose Allely Estate as your Wedding venue?

Somewhere we had always driven past and loved.

Q. Did you have a theme or vibe?

Our vibe was just relaxed and intimate, with a touch of boo rustic. I did all the flowers, table setups, and props with some added touches from the amazing Athina.

Q. Did you incorporate any tradition?

No traditions other than the generic first looks with my dad’s. 

Q. What was your best decision about the wedding?

The decision to organize our wedding within 3 months during the Auckland lockdown was the best decision made. It was the last memory made with my mother being able to dance and move independently. With our decision to go with Allely Estate, and the other contractor’s on the day, everything worked out.

Q. What advice do you have for other couples?

My advice for other couples is to do what YOU want as a couple, forego the need to invite everyone, and have things and people that are important to you there. The day is about two becoming one and celebrating your love story.

Q. How did you both meet? What is your personal 'love story'?

On a blind date at Waiwera hot pools, set up by one of the bridesmaids and long time adopted family Katie.

Q. Tell us about your favourite wedding moment?

My favourite wedding moment was having my dad and stepdad partially walk me down the aisle and then pass me over to my mum for the rest of the walk. She raised my sister and I on a shoestring budget as a solo mum for most of our childhood, with her being terminally ill made it even more significant to honor her.

Q. What special touches were important to you?

The special touches that were beyond important to me was seeing the care given to my mother by all the staff, and their impeccable attention to detail. Also, the comic abilities of my friend Lee Weir who was our celebrant and MC, and amazing photographer and friend Nikita from Antonia Pearl Photography. 

Q. Any further comments?

Brendan and I have been together for over 18 years and engaged for 4 years. Due to my mother having a terminal illness we made the snap decision to ensure she would be there and Athina and the team made it all come together so well, along with our awesome celebrant and friend Lee Weir. My mother passed in January and right up until the end she spoke of the care given to her by the staff, I thank them so much for this and for making our day so stress-free and for everything we dreamt of.

Draping, lighting & styling by Allely Estate


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