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Mariana Bartulovich – Client Manager

Allely Estate

Meet the Team: Mariana

Introducing the awesome Allely Estate team that work so hard to ensure your wedding or event is memorable and has timeless moments.  Let’s talk to Allely Estate’s  Client Manager, Mariana. 

Q. What initially drew you to a career as a Client Manager and Wedding Venue Planner?

The satisfaction that comes from bringing someone’s vision to life is rewarding. I thrive in environments that require attention to detail, organisation, and creativity – all of which are essential in wedding planning. 

I enjoy planning weddings and working closely with clients to accommodate their requests for their special day.

Q. How do you personally connect with the couples and clients you work with, and what do you find most fulfilling about your role?

I find that by being myself people can then feel comfortable and be themselves too. This day is a big part of their lives so having that person that they connect with is extremely important.

Q. In the wedding and event planning industry, attention to detail is crucial. How do you ensure that every detail is considered and executed flawlessly for each event?

Lists! I am a big lists person. I have lists for everything. Having an organised system and schedule ensures that you don’t forget anything.

Q. How do you ensure that each event has its own unique touch, reflecting the individuality of the clients?

By really connecting with the clients, understanding their cultures and their lifestyle & allowing them to incorporate this into their day.

Q. What has been your highlight moments in your time at Allely Estate.

Witnessing the marquee transform from a blank space to a beautiful wedding ceremony & reception space and seeing all the different ideas and visions that couples have created, come to life.

Q. What sets Allely Estate apart from other wedding venues, and how do you communicate these unique features to potential clients?

The use of the bridal room, the many menu options, and the beautiful gardens.

Q. How do you incorporate the personal preferences and unique stories of couples into the venue wedding planning process?

By being very flexible and allowing the couple to incorporate the important things in their lives into their special day such as pets, cultural family food, cultural ceremony traditions, family performances etc.

Q. Weddings and events can be unpredictable. How do you handle unexpected challenges or changes during the planning and execution phases?

Managing stress and pressure is key in event planning. I prioritise tasks based on their urgency and importance, which helps me stay organised and focused. Also delegating tasks to others ensures that everything gets done efficiently without becoming overwhelmed. But above all, communication is the biggest tool in any high-pressure situation.

Q. What key factors should couples prioritise when choosing a venue, and how does Allely Estate cater to these considerations?

Capacity size, menu flexibility, aesthetics, gardens.

Q. For couples considering Allely Estate for their wedding or event, what advice would you give them to make the planning process smoother and more enjoyable?

Relax, enjoy the process together, be open to things changing and adapting to plan B and C. Plan in advance and set your priorities.

Q. Why should you choose Allely Estate to host your event or wedding?

Because the relationship we create with you is incomparable, we go above and beyond to accommodate all your needs and not to mention the flexibility of the chefs and menus. The gardens are stunning and the outdoor ceremony locations are green, fresh and lush.


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