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Wedding flowers by season

Allely Estate

We love this article where Auckland florist Eden Hessel shares the top 10 most requested flowers for weddings – and when they’re in season. Very helpful when deciding what your bouquet and table setting flowers might look like… Read the article here –  

– or see it in full below: 
Flower: Dahlia
Season: Summer

Flower: Roses/garden roses
Season: Available all year round. Garden roses are available in winter

Flower: Ranunculus
Season: Autumn / Winter

Flower: Lisianthus
Season: Spring / Summer

Flower: Hydrangea
Season: Summer
Flower: Anenomies
Season: Late autumn

Flower: Winter roses / hellebores
Season: Winter

Flower: Blushing bride
Season: Winter

Flower: Peony
Season: Early summer

Flower: Lilac
Season: Winter

We also love this comprehensive guide by The Flower Delivery Company that shares what flowers are available for what seasons in NZ. It’s great to plan this early so you don’t get your heart set on peonies in the peak of summer or hydrangeas in winter! 

See that guide here: 

If you’re still looking for floral ideas for your wedding, reach out – we’re happy to share some examples from past weddings at Allely Estate to give you some inspiration!

Bouquet image thanks to Coralee Stone Photography. 

Allely Estate

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